Protection of the Australian sacred cow goes into overdrive

Government has gone into overdrive protecting the hidden truths of the Australian housing and finance sectors with clear indications that the 2015 House of Representatives Home Ownership Inquiry will not have a filed report for the Australian public and the 2016 Senate inquiry into Penalties for White Collar Crime looks like it may not go ahead as scheduled.

Furthermore, LF Economics has made assertive attempts under the Freedom of Information Act to attain certain documentation from government to better assist us in our research in understanding why highly paid (non-elected) government executives managing the fiscal affairs of this country refuse to enforce various laws in relation to mortgage fraud and loose lending standards by our banking system. All our requests under the Freedom of Information Act have been rejected, hence it is difficult for LF Economics to dive deeper and conduct further forensic examinations of the relationship between financial institutions, financial regulators and Canberra.

There is no doubt government, ASIC, RBA and APRA are hiding something from the Australian people. I think its fair Australian’s should have the right to investigate what it is they are hiding.



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