Not as concerned about underquoting as I am about ‘no quoting’

Australia’s dodgy real estate market

Australia’s real estate industry does not make it easy for property buyers to get a handle on what the asking price is for a home. A clear example of this is the global real estate house Sotheby’s. Looking on its website, it’s pretty clear there is the most remarkable of trends. Search Sotheby’s listings in any city in the world and you will notice that more often than not there is the asking price of the home advertised. Miami, Madrid, Los Angeles are perfect examples. The site displays the home for sale and the asking price…

Now to Sydney… The page is flooded with “Price upon request’. Why is it so hard for Australian real estate agents to display the asking price of a home on their website? Sotheby’s has given us a great global perspective on the dodgy antics at play in the Australian real estate market. Would be great if the mainstream media dived a bit deeper into Australia’s real estate industry questioning why it is so hard for real estate agents to quote the asking price.





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