The cities Aussie property investors really made some coin.

And its not in Oz!

Australians who invested in American real estate back in 2011 when the Australian dollar was above parity have made some extraordinary gains in Aussie dollar terms over the last four years on their investments in both capital gains & yield; which have far outweighed the benefits of investing in the local Australian housing market.

Using data from Zillow across a small handful of American cities, the numbers in both capital gain and yield in $AUD speak for themselves. Particularly for those Aussies who invested in cities like Phoenix, Miami and Las Vegas.Capgain USPROP


Those Aussies who invested in Dallas real estate back in July 2011 would have paid less than AUD$90k for a median home and would today be earning roughly AUD$402 a week in rent. Not bad indeed…

Yield USA

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